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*Name of Church or Organisation

Organisation/Contact Address
(This is the address we will use for correspondence. Enter a postcode and click 'Find address' to look up your organisation's address, or enter details manually if the address is not listed)

Note for Republic of Ireland applicants:

The 'Find address' option above will only return results for UK postcodes. Please enter your Organisation/Contact Address details manually, including your Eircode (in the Postcode field). If you are not sure of your Eircode this can be checked at

(Please select the country where your church/organisation is located)

Project address
(Leave blank if same as Organisation address)
(This is the address where the project or work will actually be taking place. Pleave leave blank if same as organisation address. Otherwise, enter a postcode and click 'Find address' to look up an address, or enter details manually if necessary)
A4 *Select the entry that best describes your organisation
*Denomination if applicable
If denomination is not applicable please select X - Not Applicable in dropdown)

If you selected 'Other Churches' above, please state the denomination or church network your church or organisation belongs to

*Anglican Diocese or Methodist District if applicable
If denomination is not applicable please select X - Not Applicable in dropdown)

If this application is on behalf of an Anglican church, please enter your archdeaconry (N.B. we do not need to know the name of your archdeacon)
(If not applicable please type N/A)

*If you are applying on behalf of a church or denomination, is your church or denomination a member of a national 'Churches Together' body, and/or, for local churches, a local 'churches together' group or local ecumenical network?
(National 'Churches Together' bodies are: Churches Together in England
Action of Churches Together in Scotland
Cytun Churches Together in Wales
The Irish Council of Churches)

For local churches, please state the name of any 'churches together' group or local ecumenical network your church belongs to

*If you are applying on behalf of a charity or educational establishment, how can you evidence the organisation's Christian ethos and foundation? For example, is this clear on your website or governing document? Please provide details. N.B. it is not sufficient to state that the charity has Christian values, or similar.

If you are not applying on behalf of a charity or educational establishment, please enter 'N/A'.

Church applicants do not need to respond to this question and can enter 'N/A'.
(Maximum 1000 characters)

Please enter your charity number
(Not applicable if your organisation has ‘excepted status’. If a charity number is shared with a head office or other branches of the same organisation, the same number can be used on multiple applications)

Organisation website if available

Facebook handle if available
(e.g. @BenefactTrust)

Twitter handle if available
(e.g. @BenefactT)

Organisation main telephone number

*Main Contact
Please confirm the contact's preferred title (e,g, Rev, Mr, Ms)

*First name

*Last name

*Contact's role in the project

*Contact's telephone number

Contact's mobile number

*Contact's e-mail address
(This will be the email address used in all communication including acknowledgment of your application)

Project Manager's Name
(if different from Contact Name above)

Project Manager's e-mail address
(if different from main contact's email address above)

*Please tell us the title of your project
(You can use a maximum of 40 characters)

*Please provide a brief (30 words or less) description of your project

*Our Community Impact Grants programme has four main objectives. Please tick the objective(s) which your project will contribute to:
(If you feel these objectives are not relevant to your project, please contact us for a discussion before applying. There may be another grant programme that is appropriate for your project. Please note that Christian schools and theological institutions can only apply under Objective 4.)

*Please describe your project in more detail and tell us specifically what you will use our funding for. This should include:
a) The need or opportunity for this project and any evidence of this (e.g. community consultation, data about your congregation, data or other information to illustrate social/economic needs or issues facing your local/regional/national area, information about the condition or accessibility of your building, etc.)
b) A summary of the main activities to be delivered
c) The specific activities you will use our funding for
d) Who will be involved in delivering the project and any partner organisations you will work with

(Maximum 4000 characters which is about 550 words)

*Estimated project start date

*Estimated project end date

*Please tell us about any risks that might affect the delivery of your project or your ability to secure funding for your project
(Maximum 1600 characters which is about 200 words)

*Does your project involve capital works or alterations to a building or structure?

*Please tell us about any heritage designations relating to your building or structure.
If this is not relevant to your project, please tick 'Not applicable'

If you have selected Listed Building above, please tell us the category of listing if you have this information. Leave blank if this is not appilcable to your project.
In England and Wales (Grade I, II* or II), Scotland (Category A, B or C), N. Ireland (A, B+, B, B1 or B2), Ireland (Protected Structure)

*Is your building or structure on any Heritage or Building at Risk Registers?

*Have the required consents and permissions been granted for your project?
(Required permissions for your project could include, planning permission, listed building consent and/or DAC or other relevant denominational approval/permission.)

Please provide further information about consents and permissions as applicable
For example if consent is required but has not yet been granted, to explain why this is the case.
(Maximum 800 characters which is about 100 words)

If you are applying for funding for energy efficiency measures (e.g. heating/lighting upgrades, solar panels, insulation, etc), has an ‘eco audit’ (or similar report) been carried out by a qualified professional to inform the proposals in this application?
(This is not a requirement for funding, but we would like to know if one has been undertaken. Eco audits help organisations to understand how to reduce environmental impact, e.g. by improving energy efficiency.)

If you are applying for funding for energy efficiency measures (e.g. heating/lighting upgrades, solar panels, insulation, etc), please tell us the following:
* The estimated energy savings resulting from the works included in this application
* Any professional advice you’ve received or research you’ve undertaken to inform your energy efficiency proposals
* How your energy efficiency proposals align with denominational net zero/climate change guidance

If you are applying for funding to undertake any capital works to a property, please outline your organisation’s legal interest in the property (i.e. whether your organisation owns the property or if it has a lease, and how much time is remaining on the lease).

*Outcome 1
Outcome indicator(s)
Targets and timeframes

Outcome 2
Outcome indicator(s)
Targets and timeframes


Outcome 3

Outcome indicator(s)

Targets and timeframes


Outcome 4

Outcome indicator(s)

Targets and timeframes


Outcome 5

Outcome indicator(s)

Targets and timeframes

If your project addresses a specific social issue(s), please tick the relevant options

If you selected Other above, please specify

*Which group(s) of people will be benefit from your project?

If you selected Other above, please specify

*What is the geographical scope of your project (i.e. how widely will the bebefits and impact be experienced)?
Local projects = reach is to a local community (e.g. village, town, suburb or similar)
Regional projects = reach is across a city, diocese or district, one or more counties, or a region of the UK)
National projects = reach is across one or more of the countries of the UK and/or Ireland)

*How many people do you estimate will be positively impacted by your project?
Please enter the approximate number of people who will benefit directly as a result of your project. For example, if you are creating a new facility, tell us how many people are likely to use the new facility in a given year (rather than giving the total number of people who attend your church).

*If you receive a grant from the Benefact Trust, we will ask you to complete a brief Impact Survey at the end of your project. If you receive a multi-year grant, you will also need to complete a progress report each year. Please tell us how you plan to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of your project to enable you to understand and report on its impact.
Use this space to tell us how you will collect information about the outcomes and indicators you have outlined in your application. For example, this could include counting the number of people who attend activities/events or use a new facility or service or collecting information to show how you are addressing a social challenge. Depending on your project, you may also be planning to produce an evaluation report. Please also tell us who will carry out your evaluation activities and when they will do this.

*How will your church/organisation ensure the ongoing viability of this project?
Tell us about your plans for sustaining the outcomes of your project. For example, if you are hiring a new member of staff or creating a new service, do you have a plan to enable this to continue beyond the funding period? If you are carrying out capital works, how will you maintain these in the future?

*How will you publicise your grant and your project if successful?
For example, will you use your website, social media, press releases, events, newsletter, noticeboards and internal channels to tell your community about your grant and what it is for? Benefact Trust will supply logos, quotes for articles and other information as required.
(Maximum 1600 characters which is about 200 words)

*What is the total cost of your project?

*Do the project costs you have provided include VAT?
For listed building projects, VAT can potentially be reclaimed via the Listed Places of Worship Grants Scheme. Visit for further information.

*Will your project take longer than 12 months to deliver?
If your project will take 12 months or less to deliver, select 'no'.

If yes, your project will last longer than 12 months, please provide a breakdown of your total project costs across each year.
Please ensure that the amounts for each year match the total project figure provided in question E1. Figures should be rounded to the nearest £1.

Period Project cost
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
*Please state total funds actually raised (excluding any funds pledged) to date

E6 Additional funds pledged to date
*Total funds raised to date (total of amounts supplied at E5 and E7 above)

*Please briefly list:
- the source(s) of your current secured/pledged funding - with amounts where possible, e.g. reserves, grants, fundraising events, legacies, sale of property, loans/mortgages
- other fundraising plans you have for the project in order to raise the total cost
(Maximum 800 characters which is approximately 100 words)

*Subject to a successful application, to whom should the cheque be made payable. This must be the organisation's main bank account


If your total project cost is over £1m, please upload a copy of your latest annual accounts.


If your total project cost is less than £1m, you do not need to upload your accounts.

*Please upload a high-level project budget using our budget template which is available on our website here.
You will need to download and complete this form, then upload the completed version here.

*We cannot process a grant application unless you send us one to three good images of your church, charity or project. (Image one should be uploaded here and images two and three should be uploaded using F4 and F5). We would like to see good quality images (at least 1MB), ideally featuring people using your church or centre. Building photos showing damage should give context of the setting. Please only submit photographs in respect of which you have already secured all necessary consents to allow Benefct Trust the rights to use them for publicity purposes should your application be successful. If there is a reason why you cannot submit photographs, please let us know.

Image Two (optional, but the more images you can provide the better)

Image Three (optional, but the more images you can provide the better)

Upload any further relevant documentation, imagery, artist's impressions, articles, case-studies or other descriptions of your project that we might use for publicity, should your application be successful.

*Does your church or organisation comply with relevant health and safety regulations, and are policies available for inspection?

*Does your church or organisation have a robust safer recruitment and selection, and induction policies, and do you provide ongoing training for staff and volunteers working with children and vulnerable adults?

*Are all vehicles owned or available for use by your church or organisation roadworthy and appropriately taxed and insured?

*Does your church or organisation have public liability insurance in place?

*Do all properties owned or leased by your church or organisation comply with applicable fire safety legislation?

*Where possible and applicable, are appropriate licences in place and up to date, and are staff competencies confirmed?
The website can be used to see what types of licences are needed for different types of organisations/activities

*Are details of any accreditations that are relevant and needed for your church or organisation available for inspection?
'Accreditations' refers to relevant and necessary qualifications or authorisations required by staff or volunteers working for your church or organisation, in order to provide specialist services or support.

*Spot checks may be made by Benefact Trust in relation to the questions above. Do you agree to this?

*Please tick this box if you accept the above conditions and you are an authorised representative of the organisation.

*How did you hear about Benefact Trust?
(Maximum 255 characters which is about 30 words)

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